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Pacific Collegiate School (PCS), founded in 1999 by parents and educators seeking an alternative in public school education, currently serves 550 students at its new campus, 3004 Mission Street, on Santa Cruz’s Westside. PCS partners with other schools and organizations for off-site use of athletic and performing arts facilities.

Students who possess a strong work ethic and are curious learners are a good fit for PCS’s program. PCS’s rigorous, academic program is challenging for most students, pushing them to excel to the best of their ability and encouraging them to reach beyond what they think is possible.

PCS’s social environment is inclusive, respectful and diverse; students are encouraged to follow their interests and passions and to respect the viewpoints and passions of others.  This close-knit culture fosters camaraderie and mutual respect among students, between students and teachers, and ensures a supportive collaboration between faculty members.

PCS believes that students of all backgrounds can thrive academically and socially. PCS provides an extensive school-wide support network and a community of teachers, students, and families all committed to this vision of student success.  PCS makes academics a priority, fostering an environment in which every student is oriented toward the goal of succeeding in college.

PCS teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about the classes they teach and are eager to establish and maintain a connection with their students. Some PCS teachers have been with the school since its founding, and some are PCS alumni.

PCS’s success is due in part to the dedication and help we receive from PCS parents and families via volunteer hours and financial support.


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