Lottery Application - Pacific Collegiate School


What is Pacific Collegiate School?

Pacific Collegiate School is an independent public charter school open to any student in 7th through 12th grade seeking a rigorous college preparatory education. PCS has earned high honors for its outstanding program and has consistently ranked among the top public schools in California and the nation.

PCS’s program underscores critical thinking, verbal communication skills, and literacy in STEAM. Small class sizes give students greater access to teachers and the opportunity to more deeply engage with fellow students. All students have access to the same advanced classes and a wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools that operate independently within the public school system, giving administrators, faculty and parents greater autonomy in designing a program that meets the needs of their students.

What are the goals of PCS?

PCS’s exemplary, standards-based college preparatory and visual and performing arts education program emphasizes international, cross-cultural, and technological education to prepare graduates for the 21st century. Students are introduced to the rich variety of world cultures and become proficient in at least one foreign language.

What is the enrollment timeline?

Applications due by 3:00 PM on 2/16/21. No paper applications are accepted.

How does the lottery work? What if my name isn't drawn? How do you admit students off the wait list?

All lottery applications are given a number. The night of the lottery the numbers are pulled for each grade and placed on a list in the order pulled. Excluding 7th grade, which has a predetermined number of spots open after siblings are accounted for, spots are filled in each grade from the list created by the lottery as they open up.

Students are accepted up to a few weeks into the first semester. In January some students may be admitted if spots have become available.

The lottery will take place on 3/2/21 at 5:00 PM. Applicants do not need to be present at the time of the lottery. To view your lottery results, log on to your PCS Lottery application at to see if you were awarded a seat or your number on the waitlist.

Are there any admission requirements for PCS?

Admission to PCS is through a public, random lottery, as required by California law. There is only one requirements to enter PCS’s lottery: submit an application. There are no student admission tests, tuition, fees of any kind, or any other requirements beyond application.

Thirty percent (30%) of seats in the 7th Grade are reserved for applicants from traditionally underrepresented populations. Click here for detailed information regarding preferences.

What is the average class size?

Core class size is capped at 24 students, with many classes ranging from 3 to 16 students. The average class size is 20 students.

How many PCS students go on to college?

Upon graduation from PCS, 97% of graduates enroll in colleges or universities and 3% take a gap year ahead of college enrollment. PCS students have been accepted at Ivy League schools, leading public research institutions, state schools and junior colleges. For our college matriculation list, please see our school profile .

PCS’s full-time college counselor is dedicated to helping students and their families strategize the college application process, expertly navigate the ever-changing and challenging college admissions process, and to find the best college fit for all PCS graduates.

How is PCS funded?

PCS receives between 80-85% of its funding from the state Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funding based on Average Daily Attendance (ADA).

Our Annual Fund Drive contributions literally close the funding gap between what PCS receives from the State and what it costs to run PCS's acclaimed program.Each year our families contribute - through voluntary, tax-deductible donations - 15 to 20% of our budget expenses via the Annual Fund Drive (AFD). We ask families to make a donation of $3,500 or more per student each year to the AFD. While we know that a gift of this size is not possible for all families, we trust that each family will participate to the fullest extent possible. We very much appreciate gifts of all sizes, and particularly value participation in the AFD by all PCS families.